Ahmad Koubeissi

Dr. Ahmad Koubeissi

Islamic University of Lebanon


Ahmad Koubeissi received the Ph.D. degree in robotics and automation from Polytech Lille, France, in 2015. He is currently an assistant professor at the faculty of engineering in the Islamic University of Lebanon and engineering mentor at Stars of Science TV show. His research interests include multi-level / multi-structure modeling and simulation of cooperative technological component systems under System of Systems (SoS) concept. He contributed to Intelligent Transportation for Dynamic Environment (InTraDe) project within North West Europe (NWE), dedicated to enhancing the navigation of intelligent autonomous vehicles in seaport terminals with the aid of unmanned aerial vehicles. He has an extensive experience in the design and implementation of data acquisition systems and microcontroller systems.



Robotics in the Arab World: Toolbox for Technical Innovation

World today is perceiving an unprecedented advance in technology nourished constantly by stream of publications and patents that span all engineering disciplines. Robotics, defined as the science of design, construction, operation and application of robots, is a strong catalyst for this technological development. Regardless of the fact that the term is trendy nowadays, a strategic governance for optimal exploitation of robotics in the Arab world remains difficult to foresee in the near future. Nevertheless, robotics can serve as a rich and diverse toolbox that can be used by
Arab entrepreneurs to setup unique modular robots, build robot swarms or establish a federation of robots with other non-technological systems (system of systems) to realize exceptional capabilities.