Ali Al-Wardi

Ali Al-Wardi

Petroleum Development Oman


Graduated from Bedfordshire University from UK in 2001 and joined Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) in the same year. I have been working for the same company ever since and occupied different positions. I started as Geomatics Operations Land Surveyor in Exploration Directorate, moving to Human Resource Directorate as Learning Solutions Advisor for Asset-Integrity Process Safety for three years. Finally, in late 2018, I landed at External Affairs and Value Creation Directorate as In-Country Value Lead for Research & Development and Technology. My mandate is to invest and promote R&D and technology localization. In early 2019, I obtained my Masters in Business Administration with Distinction from Strathclyde Business School from UK. I’m very passionate about Technology and Innovation and their impact on local economies. As part of my job, I am currently leading the study of the 4th Industrial Revolution on Jobs in the Oil & Gas sector as one project for this year. I am also a member in different committees related to energy and entrepreneurial innovations. I am involved in Energy Efficiency project as joint member with various other members from different industries in Oman as part of my role as External Secretary for Energy Management Steering Committee. Finally, I have been appointed as the Secretary for the joint steering committee between Petroleum Development Oman and the Industrial Innovation Centre, where a number of innovative projects by Omani entrepreneurs are developed for deployment.



Petroleum Development Oman Research & Development and Innovation Journey: Oil & Gas case study

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) is Exploration & Production company for Oil & Gas where it uses the latest technologies to carry out its complex operations. Over the time, it has developed a diverse technical capabilities mostly enabled through external expertise. As a leading company in Oman, it was seen necessary to invest on building local capabilities and to start promoting R&D and innovation moving towards the Government aspiration of developing knowledge-based economy. The early seeds of the journey go back to 1990s but not grounded until 2016 when a clear strategy proposals were developed to take this initiative as far as 2040 and placing PDO as the Regional Technology and Innovation Center for Oil & Gas. Leveraging on technical expertise, a clear vision and mission were established through sustainable and innovative ecosystem. A system that goes beyond PDO boundaries which integrates with different stakeholders. R&D has become one pillar of the company’s In-Country Value (ICV), which is supported by various studies.