El Hassan Saidi

Prof. El Hassan Saidi

Mohammed V University


El Hassan Saidi is a professor of Physics at the Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco; Head of High Energy Physics Laboratory at Faculty of Science of Rabat, Head of the national Master on Mathematical Physics in Morocco, Head of Centre of Physics and Mathematics CPM-Morocco-ICTP. He is a permanent member of Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology and former Associate Member of ICTP-Trieste. His main field of interest is quantum field theory in diverse dimensions. He published several papers in theoretical physics including models building for elementary particles and inspired models from string theory compactifications. He supervised several national and international research projects, many PhD theses; and has been the coordinator of an annual conference on interface between Physics and Mathematics in Morocco.



On the Theory of Everything

String theory is one of the brightest ideas of the physics of the early 21st century. Commonly known as the theory of everything, it is based on the existence of new extended physical objects (branes) encompassing the elementary particles we know. It predicts a space-time with several dimensions beyond the three spatial directions that we see in our classical world. In this theory, the four independent fundamental forces - strong, electromagnetic, weak and gravitational - fit into the same framework; it solves one of the basic problem of physics on why four different forces to govern the evolution of universe, pushes the limit of knowledge of humanity and opens the window on the quest of new horizons. In this presentation, I review basic ideas of this theory, comment the role of symmetries in this building and describe some of its predictions.