Heba Saadeh

Dr. Heba Saadeh

University of Jordan


Dr Saadeh is an assistant professor in Bioinformatics and Epigenetics at the Computer Science department at the University of Jordan. Before that, she worked as an associate research scientist in the Epigenetics and Bioinformatics groups at the Babraham Institute research center in Cambridge, UK. She finished her Ph.D. degree in Bioinformatics from King’s College London, UK and her B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Jordan. Her research interests are studying the environment of cancer cells in terms of methylome, transcriptome and chromatin marks; with special interest in the effect of hypoxic conditions on these cells. She is also interested in Data Science specifically in machine and deep learning. Dr. Saadeh is a member of the Jordanian Programmers Association and highly active in extra curriculum students’ activities specifically in ACM-ICPC problem solving programming contests.



Bioinformatics: using the art of computer science to understand biology

Interdisciplinary fields aim at combining two or more different disciplines into one field; it involves thinking across boundaries on a common activity. Bioinformatics is a relatively recent interdisciplinary filed that combines the elements of computer science and biology. It means applying “informatics” techniques (derived from disciplines such as applied mathematics, statistics and computer science) to understand biological data. The need for this field arises from the explosion of data from genome sequences and functional genomics; specifically with the next generation sequences technology. A brief description of this field, its importance and its applications will be highlighted and discussed.