Loay Malahmeh

Loay Malahmeh

Fab Lab Arab Network / Fab Lab Irbid


Loay Malahmeh is a Jordanian social entrepreneur, currently works as Head of Innovation at Luminus Education. Loay spearheaded the “fab lab” movement and ecosystem development in Jordan through his previous startup 3Dmena; which was acqui-hired by Luminus Group where he launched Jordan's first Fabrication Lab and manufacturing Incubator (Shamal Start / Fab Lab Irbid) with a current portfolio of 100+ startups. His experience spans over 10 years in various fields: social innovation, technology, digital fabrication and participated in raising over $20 million in funding for various projects. He co started the Fab Lab Arab Network and was also a Shaper at Global Shapers Community with the World Economic Forum and he has been internationally featured for his work in Wired Magazine, Popular Science, Techcrunch, BBC and the World Economic Forum.



Current Technologies Using Different Modalities (Methods) in Biological Drugs Production, Such as Cell, Gene, and Enzyme Replacement Therapy.

Biological drugs production using different advancements; cell therapy, gene therapy, and enzyme replacement therapy, is a fast paced advancing topic which aims to limit rare and chronic diseases to as minimal as possible. Thanks to these technologies, many biotech/pharma start ups around the world are racing to cure diseases that were considered incurable few decades ago. This topic will focus on current advancements and research, and how to apply engineering principles in biological drugs production process.