Mohamady El-Gaby

Mohamady El-Gaby

University of Oxford


"Mohamady obtained an MSc in Neuroscience from University College London before joining the laboratory of Professor Ole Paulsen at the University of Cambridge to complete his PhD. During his PhD, Mohamady used a combination of in vivo and ex vivo electrophysiology, optogenetic activation and silencing, and behavioural assessment to uncover a lateralisation in the pathways involved in long-term plasticity and learning in mice. He joined Dr David Dupret’s Group as a Postdoctoral researcher in April 2016. His work in the Dupret Group involves investigating the dynamics and plasticity of neuronal ensembles that support flexible learning."



Neuronal assemblies: the cliques that make flexible learning possible

"The capacity to learn is ubiquitous among animals and is key to their survival. Seminal work in simple organisms has given us invaluable insights into the neural underpinnings of simple types of learning such as habituation. However, for more sophisticated and flexible forms of learning, neural mechanisms remain elusive. My research aims to interrogate the mechanisms of flexible learning in mammals, making use of recent technical and analytical advances in studying the behaviour and neural activity of mice."