Mohammad Issa

Mohammad Issa



Mohammad has over 7 years of experience in graphic design with a focus on UX and UI. Co-founder of the international startup, Aumet, which is considered among the top 100 startups in MENA Region according to World Economic Forum. Mohammad was responsible for customer and product success prior to product management, a mixture between user experiences and sales. He also led a robotics team for over 5 years where he was responsible for programming, logical thinking, and designing the robots, with 5 local and international trophies.



Turning Ideas Into Products That Makes Money! - Step by Step

Product design and management is one of the most underrated topics in building your own company or invention. Most people spend most of their time creating a product, a website, or perfecting a service, that people don't need to buy, losing so much money and time on the way that can kill your idea. Product design concentrates on "SELLING" your product! Not only building it. you need to fit your product according to your customers' needs in order to make money, which is the ultimate goal at the end of the day. We are going to follow actionable steps that can turn your idea, service, or even invention into a product that can make money!