Nancy Hakooz

Prof. Nancy Hakooz

The University of Jordan


Professor Nancy Hakooz was the vice president and the dean of the faculty of pharmacy at Zarqa University in Jordan (2010-2016). She has contributed significantly to the improvement of higher education in Jordan. She obtained her PhD from the University of Manchester in the UK in 1997. Since that time, she has worked at the School of Pharmacy in the University of Jordan conducting research and lecturing. Her research has focused on drug metabolism and pharmacogenetics of the Jordanian population. She was a part of a team that conducted research on genetically isolated populations in Jordan (Chechnians and Circassians), mainly studying diabetes, hypertension and metabolic syndrome and their related genes. She has published around 29 papers in reputable and prestigious international journals. She is a member of the International Society of the Study of Xenobiotica (ISSX) since 1997 where she has participated in many of their international meetings. In 2011 she was awarded the Daniel Turnberg Traveling Fellowship-Academy of Medical Sciences and was spent atthe Institute of Cellular Medicine- Medical School-Newcastle University-UK She was the founder of the faculty of pharmacy at ZU in 2010 and as part of her duties as the vice president since 2013 she established connections with reputable international universities such as Seprinetiza (Italy), Queens of Belfast (Ireland) and West of England (UK). Professor Hakooz was a member of The Technical Committee-Medical and Pharmaceutical sector at The Scientific Research Support Fund (2016-2018) and she is a member of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) committee of the International Pharmaceutical research Center (IPRC) since 2006. She also was a member in The Technical Committee for the Registration of Generic Products, Jordanian Food and Drug Administration (JFDA) and the Medical committee in the Circassian Welfare Association. Over the years, Professor Hakooz, has been an outstanding example as a female researcher, a team-builder, an academic, a mother and true role model.



Vitamin supplements-a need or a trend

Vitamin supplements and multivitamin preparation are popular these days. Do they actually work? Do we need to take them on regular basis? Can nature satisfy our needs of these vitamins without supplements? What are the signs ans symptoms of the increase in their use? What essential supplements are needed in special populations, anemic individuals, pregnant women or children. This talk will focus on answering these questions and more.