Sherif Halawa

Dr. Sherif Halawa



Dr. Sherif Halawa is the head of engineering and research at Edraak, Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development. He currently supervises the development of Edraak's online learning technology, which is using digital technology and AI to enhance online learning for 2.2 million Arab school learners continuous life-long learners. Sherif holds a PhD degree in engineering from Stanford University, and his doctoral research focused on employing digital technology and AI to enhance teaching and learning. Sherif studied the applications of machine learning to predict student performance and retention in online courses, and employed natural language processing and a number of other AI techniques to analyze educational data and extract meaningful insights about learning. Sherif participated in the development of 3 of Stanford's online learning platforms, which were used to deliver learning of more advanced skills, such as design thinking and problem solving, with novel learning interactions. He developed a number of educational data mining algorithms that helped enhance teaching and learning of such skills.



Employing AI in Education

Artificial intelligence is being used in education in various ways to enrich teaching and learning. In this talk, we are going to go through some of the key AI applications, and answer interesting questions like: 1) What is IA (Intelligence augmentation) through AI? How much can an AI agent know about how we learn, and how do modern learning systems employ AI? How is AI helping us teach skills that were previously not teachable online? How is AI expected to influence teaching and learning in the 21st century?