Tarifa Alzaabi

Dr. Tarifa Alzaabi



Dr. Tarifa Alzaabi joined ICBA as Deputy Director General in August 2019. She has 20 years of executive and leadership experience in higher education institutions, having developed student and academic services and strategies to motivate young people through innovation, research and training. Prior to joining ICBA, she was Director of Dubai Women’s College, Higher Colleges of Technology. She is also an edupreneur and the winner of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum SME Award as Businesswoman of the Year 2015 for training and mentoring start-ups. She is a graduate of the UAE Government Leaders Program (Executive Leadership) and is certified as a trainer by the UAE Government Leaders Program to represent the UAE internationally and deliver training to local and foreign governments. She holds a Ph.D. in Education (Management and Educational Leadership) from the British University of Dubai and an Executive MBA in Business Administration with honours from the University of Sharjah and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Administration from Higher Colleges of Technology. Dr. Tarifa Alzaabi has represented the UAE in various local and international conferences and has co-authored several education-focused studies and academic papers.



Why Diversity Matters

Diversity is a term that has a positive meaning and, above all, and a positive impact. It represents all available possibilities and opportunities. Its exact interpretation may vary according to context in which it is used, but there is no doubt about the benefits it has. When we make good use of diversity in any environment, we improve our chances of achieving our goals and tackling different challenges. For example, crop diversity helps scientists to breed crops that are better adapted to conditions ranging from water scarcity to climate change. This is important as these problems are undermining global food security. Diversity, and more specifically gender equality, in the workplace is also important. By ensuring inclusion and equal opportunity, we increase productivity and growth. This is specifically important in a scientific context where there are not enough women researchers. Some studies show that women are better leaders and innovators. So not tapping into this potential is a lost opportunity. Therefore, we need to cherish and encourage diversity everywhere.