Yousef Haik

Dr. Yousef Haik

Hamad Bin Khalifa University


Yousef Haik is a Professor of Sustainable Development and Associate Provost for Academic Affairs at Hamad Bin Khalifa University. His primary research area is in the development of functional nanomaterials for applications in energy, water treatment, biomedical and sensors. His research resulted in over 250 peer refereed publications and a number of patents.


Break throughs in Nanotech

While the presentation will demonstrate some recent developments of nanotechnology in medical application that have been progressing in our lab, the central focus of the presentation will be on a revolutionary inorganic treatment route (metalo-antibiotic) for localized infection that require long-term antibiotic treatment combined with surgical intervention. Increased susceptibility to microbial infections is common among chronic diabetic patients and is associated with serious complications and increased morbidity and mortality.

Our results demonstrated that metalo-antibiotics are effective against intracellular bacterial infections without damaging the host cells. The in vivo experiments demonstrated a tolerance of the particles for doses up to 20 times higher than the anticipated treatment dose. The data showed that administering our metalo-antibiotic intramuscularly induced a significant reduction in bacterial CFUs in infected tibia of BALB/c mice. Recently we have developed technology that allows for these metalo-antibiotics to target localized infection. The development of metalo-antibiotic is anticipated to open a new horizon to fight against bacterial infection.